Winter Dreams analysis quiestions

  1. 1. Dexter always dreamed of being with Judy Jones. The Author chose winter for the tittle because it was during the winter that Dexter would make plans for his future.
  2. 3. At the age of 11 Judy acted very entitled and treated her nurse without any respect at all.
  3. 4. I think Dexter quit because he felt like he wasn’t being appreciated enough and thought he could do better somewhere else.
  4. 7. In part to Dexter and Judy were grown up and they had met again while golfing he instantly liked her he went on a date with her and fell in love that changed any negative view he had on her.
  5. 8. Judy’s mouth is similar at the age of 11 and as an adult Dexter’s describes her mouth as anting to be kissed.
  6. 11. Direction here signifies that he is changing his life style to conform to Judy’s life.
  7. 12. The adult Judy is very ruthless she and careless she goes around making men fall in love with her and when they want to marry her she moves on to another man. I personally don’t know anyone like this.
  8. 14. Dexter loved Judy so much that it blinded him from her lies making him not get angry with her lies.
  9. 16. Dexter thinks of Irene as someone he can settle down and spend his life with although he does not love her as much as Judy. With Judy, Dexter feels like he can live more of an adventurous and exciting life even though she won’t marry him.
  10. 19. Dexter’s laundries were what made him so successful but he intended on selling them in order to move east and get away from Judy after she canceled their wedding.
  11. 24. Anaphora is used when Dexter asks Judy to marry him “she said” is repeated multiple times to ease the effect of her denying his proposal.